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lokakuu 22, 2008

John Frum on Facebook-kaverini

Cargo cult on antropologinen klassikko. Ilmiö on sopivan ajallisen ja maantieteellisen etäisyyden takaa tarkasteltuna hilpeä.

Vaan kylläpä kirpaisee, kun huomaa olevansa lahkon jäsen itsekin. Keith Brophy kirjoittaa erilaisten sosiaalisen median käyttäjien cargo cultista:

The cult of the social media tool is further expounded with the concept of the invite-only period. The exclusivity built around the new network heightens user desire to be included and follow in the keystrokes of the privileged early adopters. As these tools grow and permeate, the onus is on people to opt in to these new networks - or fear missing this new source of flow information.

Kannattaa lukea koko merkintä.

Vielä en myönnä syyllistyneeni cargo cult managementiin, jota kuvaillaan Mike Speiserin blogissa:

Why are most of the meetings you attend so worthless? Perhaps those in leadership positions are themselves subject to the same thing from their managers and are simply replicating the same behavior? ”It works for him and he is the CxO, so if I do it I will be CxO someday?”

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