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huhtikuu 20, 2005

"En tiedä, miksei Urpo Martikainen bloggaa jo nyt"

Reutersin uutisessa NBC:n televisiopomo Jeff Zucker ajattelee ääneen, että yhtiön uutisankkureiden pitäisi blogata.

"I don't know why Brian Williams isn't blogging right now," Zucker said of the anchor of NBC's top-rated evening news program who took the helm after veteran journalist Tom Brokaw stepped down in December. "We should be looking for a more interactive component...and be experimenting more."

Niin. Ja toinen lainaus samasta uutisesta:

Up to 74 percent of high-speed Internet users say they get more varied perspectives on the news online, according to a survey conducted by Yahoo and WPP media buyer Mediaedge:cia.

Tästähän alkaa erottua jo jonkinlainen kuvio.

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